The Uganda horn easily satisfies the most finicky customer, keen on "Natural" products.

About Us

Who We Are.

Horn Products Limited was founded in December 2003, as a limited liability company, registered in Kampala, Uganda. Mainly to purchase horns directly from the cattle keepers, providing revenue for local cattle keeping communities in Uganda and promote a wide range of high quality handmade contemporary Horn products from established craftsmen.

What We Do.

As our name, Horn Products Uganda, we mainly deal Cattle Horn Products (Ankole Cows) as our manufacturing materials. Horn Products Uganda deals in various products from Cow Horns ranging from Horn vases, Horn Bowls, Horn Bangles, Horns, Horn Cups, Horn Buttons, and Horn Awards etc. Horns are organic in nature, not toxic and environmental friendly.

Our Mission

To design, process, and trade in cowhorn products while keeping in focus mechanisms that ensure efficiency, profitability, exclusivity amidst continuous innovations and growth.

Our Objectives.

To re-invent, design, introduce and entrench the functional use of natural accessories in the garment and fashion industries, in the domestic and export markets.

To contribute to a cleaner environment with specific attention to areas around slaughter houses and abattoirs in both the rural and urban areas, by collecting and engineering creative uses of all cow horn and bone waste materials.

To acquire modern technologies that will enable the production of durable, beautiful and highly functional craft and dress accessory products, in commercially sustainable and profitable proportions

To position Uganda on the world market, as a reliable supplier of high quality cow horn products, a hegemony of the country’s legendary long-horn cows

Ankole Horns

Ankole Cows Horns are our main raw materials

The Ankole-Watusi also known as Ankole Longhorn, is a landrace breed of cattle originally native to Africa, Uganda western Region. Its large distinctive horns that can reach up to 8 ft (2.4 m) from tip to tip and their longhorns are used for defense and cooling by honeycombs of blood vessels in their bodies.